General Course Information

General Course Information

Please note: When considering subject selection, the Guilford Young College Handbook provides the most accurate and up to date information regarding courses and pathways available. The course information videos below are in the process of being revised to reflect new subject offerings.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Any 5 courses – these may be a mixture of Level 2 and 3 courses and VET – constitute a full load. All Year 11 students are expected to study an English, Maths and Religion Education course.
  • Year 11 students can study four level 3 or 4 courses. One of these must be Studies of Religion 3. Please note that only two subjects from Year 11 can count towards the ATAR. (This is not a recommended load.)
  • Four level 3 or 4 courses (you will have a study line)
  • Four courses at level 2 or above (provided 75 points were gained in Year 11)
  • Obtaining your TCE is important and there are multiple ways to do this. You can do level 3 and 4 courses, level 1/2 courses, VET courses or a combination of these. You will need:
    • Standards (ticks) in Numeracy, Literacy and ICT
    • 120 credit points
      • Most courses are 15 points each
        • 5 subjects in Year 11 = 75 points
        • 4 subjects in Year 12 = 60 points so 135 points in total


  • Students will need to achieve the TCE to gain an ATAR score
  • The ATAR is determined by converting the Tertiary Entrance Score gained in each subject. It is derived from: Five Level 3/4 courses (four is possible but not a recommended pathway)
    • Three Level 3/4 courses must be studied in Year 12
    • Only up to Two Level 3 subjects will be scored from Year 11
  • Plus TCE attainment

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