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Campus allocation

Students are allocated to either our Hobart or Glenorchy campuses based on residential address. You can view our boundary map (left) or search for your address via Google Maps.

Balancing campus enrolment figures is vital to the provision of College courses and to ensure equitable access of services, staff, and support to students.

Campus transfer requests are assessed by the Principal and other members of College leadership on a strictly case-by-case basis. Should you need to lodge one, please outline your circumstances in as much detail as you can.

The enrolment process

See if Guilford Young College is right for you
We invite you to discover who we are by exploring our website and taking taking the opportunity to join us for an Open Day, Tour Day or Information Evening at either campus.
Step 1
Submit your enrolment application
The online application can be saved to complete later using a unique code which is emailed to you once you start the application process. Applications are accepted at any time; however, due to demand and to avoid disappointment we suggest that you apply as early as possible.
Step 2
Gain conditional placement
A conditional placement means that the College will hold a place for the student in their year group for the entry date as offered. Note that a conditional placement is not a confirmed enrolment at the College, but that it means that we have reserved a place for them pending the successful processing of their application.
Step 3
Sign the Letter of Acceptance
Following the successful processing of enrolment application, the College will issue a Letter of Acceptance which all parents/guardians party to the Enrolment Application will need to sign and return.
Step 3
Select subjects at a Course Advice Session
Students now need to choose their subjects for Year 11 or 12. This is done through Course Advice Sessions, which offer students and their parents/guardians the opportunity to sit down with academic staff for a one-to-one conversation about which courses offered at the College can compliment student's own interests, strengths, and desired career pathways.
Step 4
Recieve final Confirmation of Enrolment
The College Principal will deliver Confirmation of Enrolment emails to all incoming student families. This is the official acknowledgement that the student is enrolled and ready to begin at Guilford Young College on their first day.
Step 5
Attend Head Start week
Head Start week is a week-long orientation program for Year 10 students entering Year 11 at Guilford Young College. Students will receive a thorough explanation of our teaching programs, College structure and co-curricular activities, alongside a warm welcome to the College community and the opportunity to make new friends.
Step 6


We understand that education is a significant investment. Our tuition fees are set each year by the College Council to cover the costs required to provide the quality education expected and to ensure our facilities are maintained to a high standard.


At Guilford Young College, students are required to wear College uniforms.

The Guilford Young College uniform shop is open from 12.30pm - 5.00pm on Wednesday afternoons, and 8.00am - 12.30pm on Friday mornings.

Pathways and Careers Counselling

Guilford Young College recognises that when making career choices, young people need access to information about a wide variety of career and study options as well as understanding their skills and personal strengths. 

That's why all enrolled students at Guilford Young College are invited to book themselves in for a Career Counselling session with our on-site Careers Counsellors. Families of students are welcome to join.

The College encourages all students to participate in the many career learning opportunities that are offered, such as;

  • Careers Expo (biennial)
  • Pathways Expo 
  • Work placements
  • Career taster days 

The Careers Counsellor can help support students to gain knowledge and recognise their capabilities when deciding or exploring a career pathway. Our Careers Counsellor can assist students in;

  • Career counselling
  • Career information
  • College course selections
  • Post-college pathways 
  • Apprenticeships and  traineeships
  • Employment pathway 
  • Australian Defence Force 
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At Guilford Young College, we strongly promote participation in the College’s co-curricular programs and we point to the importance of participation in sport and strongly encourage students to be involved.

The College is a member of the Southern and State Sport Associations of Tasmania Independent Schools (SSATIS and SATIS) thus many of the traditional sports are offered to all students throughout the summer and winter sporting rosters and carnivals. The College also enters in many community and All School events which provides an opportunity for students to participate in other various sporting options.

Thus, the sporting program at Guilford Young College offers many sporting options to choose from which caters for a range of student abilities, interests and needs. All students at the College have the opportunity to extend their sporting skills, fitness and enjoyment levels while developing teamwork and College spirit.

Sports Calendar


Head Start is a vital bridge between Year 10 and Year 11

Head Start is a week long program (held in the first week of December) for Year 10 students entering Year 11 at Guilford Young College. During the week, students will not only commence Year 11 studies but will also receive a comprehensive orientation, a thorough explanation of teaching programs, information about all the sports and extra curricular opportunities available and most of all a very warm welcome to our community.

Head Start is a vital bridge between Year 10 and Year 11. It gives students a smooth transition to senior secondary studies and to Guilford Young College and also ensures that students are thoroughly prepared and ready for their commencement of Year 11 studies.


At Guilford Young College we want every student to be involved in College life outside the classroom. We know that being involved in some of the extra-curricular activities available at the College means a more enjoyable, more valuable and more connected life at Guilford Young College. Not only do we want you to be involved, we expect you to be involved. Your extra-curricular involvement is every bit as important to your education as the courses you study.

There are approximately fifty options on offer – the full range of sports, a wide range of service and leadership opportunities, many committees and clubs, Catholic Social Action through Vinnies, L’Arche and OzBosco, opportunities to be involved in Drama and the Musical, live performance in drama and music, the Duke of Edinburgh programme, lunchtime concerts and inter-house competitions. There’s something for everyone.

DoSomething!@GYC also helps you build on your College Certificate of Achievement which forms part of your resume when you apply for a job. During Head Start Week we have sign up sessions where you can talk to teachers and students about what’s available in the DoSomething!@GYC program and your Tutor Teacher will help you through the simple online sign-up process. Signing up for at least one of the extra-curricular options available at Guilford Young College is an expectation for every student each year.