Course Info – VET (Vocational Education & Training)

Introduction to Vocational Education & Training at GYC

Frequently asked questions:

  • Students may choose to complete Level 3 subjects alongside their VET course. VET courses can provide complimentary skills for Level 3 subjects and vice versa.
  • VET courses at GYC are completed as part of the regular school timetable.

It is a requirement for students in a full VET qualification at GYC to undertake Work placement. In most circumstances, student will be able to negotiate with their VET teacher suitable times for placement. You may use school holidays, midyear exam period and student free days.

This will depend on the course you were enrolled in and the one you are doing in year 11. If you are continuing with a qualification, then any relevant units of competency will be given Credit transfer. This is also the situation as a Year 12 student continuing on or starting new qualification/s.

If you have chosen to enrol in more than one VET program while at school, it is possible that some of the units of competency you will be studying are the same. Units such as WHS, communication, teamwork and first aid can be common across several programs. Please raise this possibility with your teacher as you are not required to be assessed in the same unit twice. In some programs the units may be very similar but not exactly the same. In this case you may be required to undertake some of the assessments but not all of them.

Students can enrol in more than one VET course per year. There are however some things to consider.

  • What is your pathway and reasoning behind completing the courses?
  • How will I manage the requirements of the VET courses as well as my other studies?
  • Are the courses complimentary to each other?

A student who is prepared to do all the work should be able to achieve good outcomes when completing more than one VET course. It is important to consider your total TCE points.

The warning is that unlike a TASC subject where students can achieve points for a Preliminary Achievement, they can’t in VET courses, so there is a risk that they may only achieve a couple of points if their productivity is limited. You will receive TCE points for any units of competency completed in Year 10 or form an outside provider.

A VET qualification is made up of a group of units of competency. Each unit is worth approximately 1-5 TCE points. You will be awarded these TCE points if you achieve the requirement of the unit.

Our courses are designed to offer students the opportunity to achieve 15 TCE points in a single line.

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