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Frequently asked questions:

The General Maths 3 course is a good general preparation for tertiary students in diverse areas such as economics, nursing and arts degrees. The Mathematics Methods courses are ideal preparation for a student wanting to complete a degree such as Science or Engineering where knowledge of calculus would be expected (ideally Methods 4 would be studied in Year 11 or 12). The rigour and problem solving required for the Mathematics Methods 4 course makes it suitable for any tertiary degree provided that students are aware that there is a high level of algebraic skill needed.

Mathematics Specialised is highly recommended for any student wanting to study mathematics, physics or engineering at tertiary level and can be completed after Mathematics Methods 4 (or in some cases as well as Mathematics Specialised 4 in Year 12)

These are 2 very different courses. The Workplace Maths course is embedded with practical mathematics such as measurement, decimals, money and percentage and has a large assignment component. The General Maths 2 course has an algebraic component that provides a pathway to General Maths 3 and has both test and assignment assessments. Any student considering a university pathway would be advised to complete General Maths 2 instead of Workplace Maths 2.

You can complete (and count for TCE/ATAR points) all 4 of the TQA3/4 courses. It is possible to complete Methods 3 & General 3 in Year 11 and Methods 4 and Specialised 4 in Year 12.

You need to complete at least 1 course in mathematics (or similar) – without completion of a course that satisfies the Numeracy component of the TCE you will not receive your TCE or an ATAR and will not gain University entrance.

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