Course Info – The Arts

Art Production (Photography) 3

Art Production 3

Art Studio Practice (Photography) 3

Art Studio Practice 3

Art Theory & Criticism 3 (New!)

Contemporary Music 2

Dance, Choreography & Performance 3

Drama – Foundation 2

Media Production – Foundation 2

Media Production 3

Music Advanced Practical Studies (UTAS)

Music Foundation Practical Studies (UTAS)

Music Studies 2

Music Technology Projects – Foundation 2

Music Technology Projects 1 (UTAS)

Music Technology Projects 1 (UTAS)

Technical Theatre Production 2

Theatre Performance 3

Visual Art (Photography) 2

Visual Art 2

Frequently asked questions:

  • Yes you can! If your interest or pathway is in the Arts it makes sense that you might want to study several Arts subjects.
  • Arts subjects attract ATAR points just like other subjects so studying more than one Arts subjects doesn’t disqualify you from getting a University entrance score.
  • We have seen many students with “Arts-heavy” loads in College, go on to have successful careers in a variety of fields.
  • Note that Photography and Visual Art, while different classes, are the same course; so there is no point in studying, for example, level 3 Art and level 3 Photography.
  • At GYC we offer over twenty Arts subjects which is highly competitive with other Colleges.
  • Drama: Arts 1, Technical Theatre Production 2, Drama Foundations 2, Drama 3, Theatre Performance 3
  • Music: Arts 1, Contemporary Music 2, Music Studies 2, Music 3, Music Technology Projects Foundation, Music Technology Projects 1 (UTAS), Music Technology Projects 2 (UTAS), Music Practical Foundation (UTAS), Music Practical Advanced (UTAS)
  • Visual Art: Arts 1, Visual Art 2, Visual Art 2 (Photography), Art Production 3, Art Production 3 (Photography), Art Studio Practice 3, Art Studio Practice 3 (Photography), Art Theory and Criticism 3
  • Dance: Arts 1, Dance 2, Dance Choreography and Performance 3
  • Media: Arts 1, Media Production Foundation 2, Media Production 3

It isn’t possible to determine your exact ATAR points before they come out at the end of each year because they are based on state-wide ratings; however, the Arts traditionally attract high level ATAR points if you work hard.

Yes. At GYC Glenorchy we are building a state-of-the-art Arts Precinct where you will find the best Arts facilities in the state. We will use the Arts Precinct as a hub for the Arts and all Arts subjects will be taught there. We will continue to run classes at Hobart Campus as well. We have amazing Art and Photography rooms at Hobart Campus and we have also have a Performing Arts Centre at Hobart which can be used for Drama and Dance. If one of your Arts classes is at Glenorchy Campus, we provide a GYC cross campus bus that runs between the two campuses four times a day.

  • Check your course handbook. Some level 3 and UTAS Arts courses have prerequisites and are generally reserved for those in Year 12 who have studied a relevant Arts course in Year 11. These include Art Studio Practice and Theatre Performance. However, most Arts subjects do not have a prerequisite.
  • Please don’t hesitate to choose an Arts subject because you think “I’m no good at Art”. If you have an interest in the Arts, we welcome you into our courses. Arts subjects at College are as much about learning new skills as they are about meeting exam expectations.
  • Successful art-making is not just about realistic drawing or classical music. The Arts are a place where you can create abstract, innovative and experimental work too. In fact, we love that!

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