Course Info – Humanities and Social Sciences

Accounting 3

Ancient History 3

Australia in Asia & the Pacific 3

Business Studies – Foundation 2

Business Studies 3

Exploring Issues in Society 2

First Nations Studies 3

History and the Environment 2

Introduction to Sociology & Psychology 2

Legal Studies – Foundation 2

Legal Studies 3

Modern History 3

Philosophy 3

Psychology 3

Tasmanian Aboriginal Studies 2 (New!)

VET Early Learning Education & Care

VET Health Occupations (Aged Care & Nursing)

Working with Children 2

Frequently asked questions:

HASS stands for Humanities and Social Sciences and includes subjects that can be grouped into 3 areas:

Legal/Government/Business related

  • Legal Studies Foundation 2 and Legal Studies 3, Business Studies Foundation 2 and Business Studies 3, Accounting 3 and Economics


  • Introduction to Sociology and Psychology 2, Working with Children 2, Psychology 3 and Sociology 3

History, Culture, Current Issues and Ideas

  • Tasmanian Aboriginal Studies 2, History and the Environment 2, Asian Studies (UTAS), Australia, Asia and the Pacific 3, Geography 3, Philosophy 3, First Nations 3, Modern History 3, Ancient History 3, French 2 and 3, Japanese 2 and 3, and CCAFL languages

No, this is not required. However, some HASS subjects are recommended as being better suited for Year 12 students due to the academic demands and work requirements (e.g. Legal Studies 3, Economics 3, Psychology 3, Sociology 3).

A folio varies in content depending on the related subject. A folio might be a collection of work samples throughout the year or a research investigation.

Doing more than one subject with an externally assessed folio of work can create workload stress for some students. It is highly recommended that you understand the requirements and workload of doing two or more folio based subjects.

No, they don’t. First Nations 3 and Asian Studies (UTAS) have externally assessed pieces of work (sometimes called Folios) in place of an externally assessed exam. Sociology and Psychology have both an externally assessed exam and folio, both of equal importance.

The VET course focuses on the skills and knowledge an individual needs to work in a front-office environment. The Business Studies – Foundation 2 course focuses on the skills and knowledge needed to start your own business. It is the foundation course for Business Studies 3, Economics 3 and Accounting 3. Both courses attract TCE points.

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