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Asian Studies (UTAS)

Chinese – Foundation 2

French – Foundation 2

Italian – Foundation 2

Japanese – Foundation 2

Frequently asked questions:

Yes, you can. All languages studied at Guilford Young College offer Foundation courses (so, for students with little or no experience)

Please note the language that you wish to study on your enrolment form, and the College will explore what options may be available.

Yes, in most cases if you have been achieving at a satisfactory level, you can enter Level 3 language courses; however, if you have only studied for part of this time (for example only one or two terms for year, it is best to speak to one of our language teachers).

CCAFL stands for Collaborative Curriculum and Assessment Framework for Languages (CCAFL). Students are usually background speakers and are assessed on their written, oral, aural and reading skills without having to do course work or join a specific class for that language. You must be confident with these 4 skills to consider undertaking the exam. CCAFL languages are Level 3 courses, and so can contribute to a student’s ATAR score and attract 15 TCE points.

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