Course Info – Health and Physical Education

Athlete Development 2

Community Sport & Recreation 2

Fitness Experiences 1

Food & Cooking Essentials 1

Food & Nutrition 3

Food, Cooking & Nutrition 2

Health Studies 3

Outdoor Education 2

Outdoor Experiences 1

Outdoor Leadership 3

Sport & Recreation Experiences 1

Sport Science – Foundation 2

Sport Science 3

Supported Programs:

VET Access to Vocational Pathways

Work Readiness 2

Workshop Techniques 1

Practical English 1

Essential Skills – Reading & Writing 2

Practical Mathematics 1

Everyday Maths 1

Preliminary Arts 1 / Art Making 1

Frequently asked questions:

You may choose as many level 3 subjects as you would like in this area in a year of study. However, you may only choose two (2) level 1 or 2 subjects per year of study from this area.

No you don’t have to have any background in sport to complete a practical HPE subject. All you need is a good attitude and a willingness to participate in a wide range of sport and recreational activities.

Yes you can complete Sport Science 3 in year 11. However, Sport Science 3 is a fast paced course that requires you to be on top of your workload. You also need to have some background knowledge in the Sport Science and Body Systems area – so if you haven’t completed a Sport Science course in your previous school , you might find this difficult. Ideally, students leave this subject until year 12 when they have a good understanding of the work requirements of a level 3 subject.

Yes you can complete this course in year 11. However, it is commonly selected by year 12 students as the level 3 course focuses more on the development of the leader, presenting and conducting activities for groups. It’s not the fun activities associated with Outdoor Education courses. So we often recommend that year 11 students complete the Outdoor Education 2 course first and then complete the Outdoor leadership 3 course in year 12.

The main requirement for these courses is that the student is currently competing in a sport at a reasonable level. The student needs to be completing organised training sessions under the supervision of a coach. And they need to be competing in an organised roster – not just social.

If they choose a sport specific program – they need to be competing in that sport and they should be also playing for the school teams when the opportunity arises.

Yes you will have two camps to complete in the year. These camps usually run for 3 days and you will miss a day or two for each camp. Ideally through the year this would equate to only missing 2 classes of any subject while on camp. The camps are compulsory if you select this course as they are used as major assessment items.

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