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Environmental Science 3

Introduction to Science & Digital Technologies at GYC

Life Science (Human) 2

Life Science (Marine) 2

Physical Sciences – Foundation 2

Physical Sciences 3

Frequently asked questions:

Students need to be able to rearrange algebraic equations. For this we recommend all students include a level 3 or 4 mathematics subject in their Year 11 course.

No. Both Physics and Chemistry are challenging level 4 subjects. Students need to have successfully completed Physical Sciences 3 prior to enrolling in Physics or Chemistry.

  • No. It is certainly an advantage to complete Life Sciences in Year 11 before enrolling in either of the other two sciences, but it is not a prerequisite.
  • In the case of Biology, we find students struggle with the demands of this course in Year 11 so we highly recommend only Year 12 students consider Biology 3.

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