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Faith in Action 2 (New!)

Religion in Society 2

Studies of Religion 3

Frequently asked questions:

Yes! Your RE teacher will cater for you, whatever background you may have. We do not assume any prior knowledge of any religious tradition. However, we also meet the needs of students who may have been studying RE since primary school. We welcome all levels of knowledge in our classrooms. All you need is curiosity and willingness to participate!

Studies of Religion 3 is our Pre-Tertiary choice in RE. This subject attracts ATAR, in fact, at GYC we have an excellent track record of outstanding student results in Studies of Religion 3. Both Year 11s and 12s can choose this as an academic option in RE. Do you have good essay writing and research skills? You should choose Studies of Religion 3! If you choose to study Level 3 RE in Year 11, you may get a study line.

No! In our Level 2 RE classes we do not give homework. Occasionally you may be asked to finish a task and submit it, or to catch up on some work you may have missed if you were absent. But generally, we do not ask students to complete homework for Level 2 RE subjects. There are no exams or tests in Level 2 RE subjects.

(Studies of Religion 3- like all Level 3 subjects- will have assignments to complete outside of class time, and an end of year exam.)

Our mainstream option for Year 11 is Religion in Society 2. This is an engaging TASC Level 2 course that involves the study of how religion and society interact and impact on one another. Students who choose Religion and Society 2 also receive a ‘Literacy Tick’ towards their TCE.

If you have a history of volunteer work in or out of school, we encourage you to choose Faith in Action 2. This is another Level 2 TASC RE course that will involve getting out of the classroom and being of service in the local community.

Faith in Action is our volunteering choice for students who enjoy helping other people and organisations in the local community. Faith in Action has smaller class groups who regularly participate in acts of service in our college and the community. They might work with local primary schools, the Vinnies or assist at different community events. There are two options for Faith in Action – a VET option or a TCE option.

Yes! At GYC we strive to make all our RE interesting and relevant to you: young people in today’s world. We ask you to bring an open mind and a willingness to work with others.

In Level 2 RE classes we have a focus on group work and multi-modal approaches (no essay writing!) We ask students to examine their own views and expand their horizons. Many of our students say RE was their favourite class- a place where new friendships were formed outside of their established social group.

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