Guilford Young College occupies an unique educational space in the lives of students, between adolescence and young adulthood. Our active learning model encourages deep thinking and positive mind habits. We aim to promote the development of young people who will be well-equipped to be effective and constructive global citizens who are skilled, socially aware and informed.

Guilford Young College appreciates the uniqueness of each individual and works actively to tailor educational pathways that will meet the needs of all students. Teachers and students work together in a positive and affirming learning environment that fosters hope in the future and sets the foundation for the exciting career and vocational pathways that are available to students who complete senior secondary education.

Students are linked with their world and come to understand the responsibility they have to influence and effect change. In these challenging times, the emphasis is on supporting young women and men to be empowered, inspired and ready to lead in a multi-cultural and global society.

We have 950 students at Guilford Young College who travel daily from as far south as Geeveston and as far north as Oatlands. While a significant number of students come from the Association Catholic Colleges, students also come from State schools and Independent schools.

Guilford Young College prides itself on being an inclusive school; one that welcomes all students and caters for any special needs.


featured photo: Biology students study ecology on Kunanyi/Mount Wellington