Pastoral care is the concern of all at GYC but special accountability is taken by the Ministry Team which operates across both Campuses. Leading this team are the DIRECTORS OF MINISTRY:

Glenorchy Campus     MS KYLIE SULLIVAN     ph 6238 4350

Hobart Campus     MRS SIMONE McMANUS     ph 6238 4300

Guilford Young College is a Catholic community and as such shares in the mission of the Church. This means that Gospel values are central to our community and find expression in a spirit of respect, compassion, inclusion and a strong sense of social justice.

We work hard at Guilford Young College to provide an environment where students feel welcome, safe, healthy and connected. After extensive and detailed consultation with teachers, students and staff, our Ministry Team has overseen the formulation of policies in the areas of pastoral care, harassment, drugs, behaviour expectations and other areas of student welfare.

In a community of care, teachers and students quickly develop and sustain valuable human and educative relationships. This is supported by strong connections with parents. The learning process within the classroom is extended by our focus on the emotional and spiritual growth of students. Above all, we are concerned with nurturing the individual, educationally, emotionally and spiritually. Professional counselling of students in relation to careers and personal issues is an integral part of college life.

The College provides workshops for staff and parents on issues such as drug use and safe partying. Our Counsellors and Directors of Ministry run very effective peer counselling and other well-being programs. The College also engages qualified facilitators and presenters on issues relevant to teenage life.

Our Heads of House and Tutors along with all staff provide an environment of care on a day-to-day basis for all students.