The College has a strong academic tradition and a long-standing record of success.  We have high expectations of all our students and the pace of work is sustained and challenging.  Programs available to students reflect their growing maturity and support their transition to post-school life.

Guilford Young College has a strong Vocational Education and Training (VET) program with the popularity of VET continuing to grow with a large number of our students making the transition from VET programs to further training or employment following their VET experiences. These courses are open to both Year 11 and Year 12 students.

Guilford Young College Arts program covers Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music and Visual Arts.  This is a learning area that draws together related but very distinct art forms and aims to develop students’ creativity, critical thinking, aesthetic knowledge and understanding about arts practices, through making and responding to artworks with increasing self-confidence.

The Sports program is over four terms and involves a number of competitions, including those organised by the Sports Association of Tasmanian Independent Schools.  The College strongly supports and celebrates individual students as they pursue their personal dreams and passions.  Some of the sports included are: tennis, swimming, netball, basketball, boys and girls AFL, squash and hockey.



Finance Options

Guilford Young College supports our community in the attainment of quality catholic education.


Head Start is a vital bridge between Year 10 and Year 11

Head Start is a week long program (held in the first week of December) for Year 10 students entering Year 11 at Guilford Young College. During the week, students will not only commence Year 11 studies but will also receive a comprehensive orientation, a thorough explanation of teaching programs, information about all the sports and extra curricular opportunities available and most of all a very warm welcome to our community.

Head Start is a vital bridge between Year 10 and Year 11. It gives students a smooth transition to senior secondary studies and to Guilford Young College and also ensures that students are thoroughly prepared and ready for their commencement of Year 11 studies


The Guilford Young College uniform is a representation of us


Guilford Young College has a Uniform Shop at both Hobart Campus and Glenorchy Campus.

Hobart Campus contact and opening times are:
Monday and Wednesday 10:30am until 2:00pm
Phone: 62 384 335

Glenorchy Campus contact and opening times are:
Tuesday and Thursday 10:30am until 2:00pm
Phone: 62 384 362