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What is Head Start?

Head Start is a week long program for Year 10 students entering Year 11 at Guilford in 2020.

During the week, you will not only commence your Year 11 studies, but you’ll also receive a comprehensive orientation to GYC and your campus, a thorough explanation of our teaching programs, information about all of the sports and extra-curricular opportunities available and most of all, a very warm welcome to our community. Head Start is a vital bridge between Year 10 and Year 11. It will give you a smooth transition to your senior secondary studies and to Guilford Young College and ensure you are thoroughly prepared and ready for 2020.

In short, the program is designed to give you a ‘Head Start’ for the year to come.

When is Head Start?

Head Start begins on Monday 2 December and finishes on Friday 6 December.

From Monday to Thursday you will have a timetable of classes, orientation sessions and some sessions with your
Tutor. Although it won’t be the normal College timetable (the Head Start sessions are shorter than our normal sessions) the timetable will, as much as possible mirror the normal school day. The day will start and finish at the normal time. Friday will be an optional day. This day will be kept free for additional course counselling sessions or meetings with teachers about your courses next year.

Which Campus do I attend?

Head Start will operate at both the Glenorchy and Hobart Campuses. You attend your allocated Campus.

What time does it start on Monday?

We recommend students arrive at their Campus by 8.30 a.m on Monday 2 December.

Arrive at the front entrance of the Campus. Student leaders will be on hand to direct you to the main assembly area for the first session. At Glenorchy, the first session will be in the Theatre. At Hobart, students will gather for Session 1 in the Assembly Area

What do I wear?

Casual clothes. We won’t be in uniforms during Head Start week.

How do I get to my Campus?

If you’re coming by bus, normal bus services will be running. Bus information is included in your Head Start Pack.

If you have any questions about transport or think you might have a transport problem, please contact our College Administration on 6238 4333.

What will I be doing during Head Start Week?

The week will include:

  • the introductory lessons for all of your courses
  • information on course content and assessment timelines
  • counselling on academic requirements
  • a thorough orientation to your campus of GYC
  • Pastoral Care sessions with your Tutor Teacher and Head of House
  • an introduction to the extra-curricular activities offered by the College and the opportunity to express interest in a range of sports, the Musical Production, service and outreach, clubs
    and societies
  • an opportunity to work and interact with Year 12 Peer Support students
  • a welcoming experience to the College with daily community activities such as concerts, BBQs and visiting speakers

What should I bring?

Bring a bag (your normal school bag is fine) and something to eat and drink as recess and lunch will be at the normal times. Both canteens will be operating as normal during lunch and recess.
If you have a laptop or iPad that would be helpful but not essential for Head Start. The College recommends that you get a laptop for College but this does not need to be purchased for Head Start.

Will I be allocated to a Tutor Group and House?

Yes, and there will be House activities during the week. During Head Start you will meet your Tutor who will be your support guide and advocate during your time at GYC.

What if I have questions about Head Start Week?

Please contact Mrs Jo Haneveer if you’re at Glenorchy Campus (62384350) or Mr Blair Brownless (62384300) if you’re at Hobart Campus for any questions you might have about Head Start