Understanding how Gen Z transitions into further education and employment

And Year13

when: THURSDAY 1 March 2018, 3:45pm to 5 pm

where: Don Bosco Theatre,  GYC Glenorchy Campus

presenter:  Will Stubley

Every teacher, principal, parent, friend, sporting or community contact influences students’ choices as they move through their later years of school. All of us have something to say about student choices but perhaps for many of us our advice is outdated.

  • What range of learning will best prepare students for their future (a future which is different to ours)? Employer, university and other training organisations expectations are changing. Are we well equipped to give advice?
  • How can we influence our schools, other teachers and those receiving our students to think differently about expectations and advice for our young people?

Will Stubley (W)WILL STUBLEY will speak about Year13 and the results of the 2017 research “After the ATAR: Understanding how Gen Z transitions info further education and employment” at Guilford Young College this week.  His presentation will inspire us to rethink the way we engage with students, how we structure education and training, and what advice we really should be giving.

Co-founder of Year 13, Australia’s largest digital platform for high school leavers, WILL STUBLEY is passionate about industry’s role in the transitional period from high school. Utilising his engineering background, Will is responsible for research, digital product development and strategy. In 2016 he directed the development of a strategy for the Australian Government’s Department of Employment regarding effective communication with young people and is part of the Department of Education and Training’s “Real Skills for Real Careers” initiative to promote VET in Australia. He regularly speaks at events about youth employment issues, and in 2017 released the research paper ‘After the ATAR: Understanding how Gen Z transition into further education and employment’. 


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