Dear Parents, Students and Friends of Guilford Young College,

This week, significant and long-term change to Catholic education on the great Hobart region has been announced by the Archbishop of Hobart, the Most Rev. Julian Porteous.

While the change will be systemic and from K-Year 12, our interest, of course, is in the provision of senior secondary education.

Guilford Young College, in its short 24-year history, has positioned itself as a significant provider of senior secondary education to many thousands of young Tasmanians. We have an outstanding record of academic, VET, pastoral, service and cultural achievement. THIS WILL NOT CHANGE.

What the Archbishop announced yesterday was an over-view of possible change. Much work, initially at the business plan level, needs to be undertaken before any long-tern decisions can be made. GYC will be heavily involved in these deliberations and consultations in the coming months.

As a vital cog in the GYC community wheel, please support us as this exciting pathway unfolds.

See below the statement issued by the Archbishop; the media release and some “correction” of Hobart media’s reporting of the announcement..

Please be informed by this source material.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on or 6238 4357. My door is open.

Every good wish

Craig Deayton, Principal


  Archbishops Announcement Greater Hobart Review


2018-12-04 Archdiocese of Hobart Media Statement_Greater Hobart Education Review_4 …


2018-12-05 John Mula




From the Executive Director of Catholic Education in Tasmania

Dear Colleagues and Friends of Catholic Education,

I wish to clarify comments and statements made in the reporting of yesterday’s announcements regarding the Greater Hobart Catholic Education Review.

It has been reported in the Hobart Mercury (5 Dec, p11) that;

 “MacKillop Catholic College at Mornington, St Aloysius Catholic College at Huntingfield and St Virgil’s College at Austins Ferry could begin teaching Year 11 and 12 students from 2021”.

Both the Archbishop’s statement and the official Media Release stated that;

… a final statement on the proposed structural changes will be issued along with a proposed timeline for development.  It is not envisaged that any of the proposed changes be implemented before 2021.

I wish to clarify that the timeline for implementation of any changes is yet to be determined and the media reporting that colleges ‘could begin teaching Year 11 and 12 students from 2021′ should not be interpreted as will begin teaching Year 11 and 12 students from 2021. At this point in the process the only statement on implementation is:

It is not envisaged that any of the proposed changes be implemented before 2021.”

I would also like to note my disappointment with aspects of the ABC Hobart TV News reporting of the Review announcement.

Despite the Archbishop’s comments to camera praising GYC for their work, ABC TV News chose to cast uncertainty about the future of GYC. Consistently, the Archbishop’s public statements regarding GYC have been that the college will remain the main provider of senior secondary Catholic education in Hobart.

Yours in Hope, John

John M Mula, Executive Director, Catholic Education Tasmania