Anzac march 2

Preparing to set off on the Hobart Street March to the Cenotaph are, from left, Nikayla Macdonald, Director of Ministry (Hobart) Simone McManus, Dawn Service speaker Charlotte Kenny and Hobart College Captain Luca Gwynne.

Lest we forget

Guilford Young College was beautifully represented at several civic Anzac Day services during the holidays by a number of our students.

Two of our Student Leaders*, Charlotte Kenny and Meg Francis, spoke at the Dawn Service. (see below for the full text of the speech which includes the poem)

Guilford Young College carried the flag of the 47 Battalion 1st AIF in the Hobart March.

College Captains Petra Lesek and Dominic Watson (below) laid a wreath on behalf of the College community in the Glenorchy City Council’s wreath-laying ceremony.Anzac Glenorchy -1

“… we stand up here in a position of inordinate privilege …”

We remember them at dawn

Guilford Young College Student Leaders* Charlotte Kenny and Meg Francis had the honour of delivering the youth address at the Hobart Dawn Service on Wednesday 25 April 2018. This is their speech.    (bold – Meg, regular – Charlotte)

YouAnzac dawn 1wr Excellency, Professor the Honourable Kate Warner AC, and Mr Warner, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen.

In greeting this dawn, we stand up here in a position of inordinate privilege; one so great that it seems to blur our association with the horror and hardships of the countless dawns of devastation endured by our forebears to ensure our generations would be.

For the most part, we are sheltered from the fears and threats of violence and war, with knowledge only of the stories of those who have had to face these horrors directly.

One of these 416,809 Australian servicemen in WW1 was my great, great, grandfather, Anthony Arthur Flint.

Whilst his story, embedded within this poem, is no more or less heroic than any other we could memorialise with you today, it is our hope that through its sharing we are reminded of the significance of our coming together this morning, of the reasons why the ANZAC memory calls us to reflect on our connections to this past, and of why we remember that which has become the spirit of ANZAC.

Perhaps most importantly, it is on occasions such as this, drawn together in acknowledgement and respect of those brave young Australians, that we recognise, in the silence of a new dawn, that while we each stand in such fortunate circumstances, many in the world have not been so blessed.

poem w

ANZAC Charlotte


* CHARLOTTE KENNY (far left) is co-Captain of Tenison House, Hobart Campus.

MEG FRANCIS is co-Captain of Bosco House, Hobart Campus.

Charlotte and Meg were co-Captains of MacKillop Catholic College in 2016; the first instance of two girls being College Captains in the college’s history.

Dawn Service speech  (pdf)

ABC coverage


thanks to parents and friends for the photographs

featured photo, from left, Jacob Smith, Nikayla Macdonald, Charlotte Kenny and Luca Gwynne before the march