A new student leadership structure is being implemented at GYC for 2018.
House Representatives have been chosen. From this group, House Captains and College Captains will be appointed.

2018 student leaders_5596
The Student Leaders for 2018 are:
Alejandro Fuentes (Youth Faith Ambassador),
Karl Pepper,
Kate Blue,
Emily Ludeke,
Aseel Maqdasi Hanna,
Courtney Wright,
Rebecca Kovacic,
Jack Anders,
Samson Ryan,
Jack McShane,
Eloise Kerstan,
Alicia Paice,
Phoebe McLean,
Bridget Snell (Youth Faith Ambassador),
Dominic Watson,
Joseph Turmine,
Jakeb Rhodes,
Petra Lesek,
Lily Bennett,
Sophie Harwood,
Georgia Saunders,
Sydney Reynolds,
Hayden Goldsmith,
Louis Meere,
Sam Kearney,
Charlotte Kenny,
Elli Vermey,
Bridget Thornbury,
Madelaine Brown,
Sarah Levett,
Madeleine Black,
Mark Mamic (Youth Faith Ambassador),
Jacob Banks-Balding,
Meg Francis,
Amy Broadbent,
Lachlan King,
Lachlan Gadomski,
Luca Gywnne,
Harriet Saunders (Youth Faith Ambassador),
Joshua Woodward,
Grace Woolford,
Lily Ward,
Isaac King,
Maisie Keil.

The first meeting of the 2018 student leader cohort was on 24 November (pictured).

One of the leaders’ first official functions was the Year 10 Orientation Day in December.