On Sunday, weather permitting, Year 11 student Oliver O’Halloran will set off from Cambridge Airport, near Hobart, to attempt to become the youngest person to fly solo, unassisted, around Australia.The project is called solo17.

On 28 April, the day Ollie turned 17, he sat and passed his full private pilot’s license, the final bridge in the preparations.

He plans to follow the Australian coastline, anticlockwise, completing the 14,750 km journey in 17 flying days with additional three rest days. To achieve the record, he must fly over Australia’s most eastern ( Byron Bay), northern (Horn Island, off Qld), western (West Point) and southern (Maatsuyker Island) points. Accommodation has been organised through the Catholic community and along the way he will address students, hoping to inspire them to think big.

 Best wishes Oliver as you depart on your mission to become the youngest person to fly solo around Australia. Your extraordinary work, dedication, and skill have led you to this point (setting off on Sunday, weather permitting). You will be carried aloft by your own gifts and talents as a young pilot, the well wishes of the Guilford Young College community and our prayers for a safe and successful flight.  Well done Oliver.

Mr Deayton, Principal

Good on you, Oli!  We will be keeping a close eye on your journey. Keep smiling and be your calm and relaxed self throughout the distance!

Mr Gowans and Carmel 8 Tutor Group (Glenorchy Campus)

Good Luck Oliver!   Carmel House will be following your amazing journey on-line and looks forward to hearing your stories and seeing your photographs when you get back. Happy Trails!

Mr Croser, Head of Carmel House


Oliver O’Halloran gained his full pilot’s license on his 17th birthday, 28 April. On Sunday he sets off to attempt to become the youngest person to fly solo and unassisted around Australia. photo: The Australian


A crowd-funding campaign is open to help with expenses. Any excess will be donated to an aviation-related charity.

Follow Oliver’s progress at solo17.com.au   The take-off will be live-streamed to this site on Sunday morning.

He also has a Facebook page, where the journey will be recorded.

for further details, the Facebook pages for solo17 and Guilford Young College carry an excellent article by The Australian (Business reviewsubscription); there are also some details below, from the solo17 website;  the crowd-funding campaign.

Friday 12 May:   SUNRISE


from solo17 website:

My name is Oliver O’Halloran and I’m currently undertaking my pre-tertiary studies (at Guilford Young College).

When I first started flying back in early 2014, I was inspired by Ryan Campbell’s flight around the world. He set a world record for the youngest pilot to circumnavigate the world, solo in a single engine aircraft at the age of 19. I was really taken back by the thought of a crazy idea becoming a reality – I got to work.

In May of this year, I will be flying around Australia solo, unassisted, in a single engine aircraft to show that no dream is impossible. While also doing school visits and talking to people my age about aviation. The money that we are raising will be going towards the essentials for this flight to happen. The key parts that require fundraising are:
• Aircraft hire fees
• Fuel
• Accommodation
• Transport on the ground
• Safety protocols
• And various other costs

The money raised through this campaign with make an astronomical difference towards the safety, efficiency and will hopefully make a significant impact on other students lives. I hope that with your support we can inspire my generation to get out into the world and accomplish anything.

Thank you for your time and I hope you can join me on this journey.

– Ollie