Guilford Young College has two students in Tasmania’s top 100 for 2017. They are Megwyn Mosenthal and Dillon Wilson.

MegMDillonWMegwyn was also Hobart College Vice-Captain and the female lead in the 2017 musical production, Grease.

Dillon was a student on the Glenorchy Campus.

Congratulations to them both on wonderful results.

And congratulations to all our students who completed Year 12 this year. Congratulations on the results you have achieved and all the best for a happy, successful and satisfying future, wherever your journey leads you.

Other recent achievements:

Off to NIDA       Examiners’ Choice       NGA summer school

Top marks:  Year 12 student Liam Meagher wrote, produced and directed the film, Daydreamer, for Media Production and received top marks from the external examining panel.