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Remain in my love:  GYC Class of 2017 is offered two invitations

The Class of 2017 was offered two invitations on the night of its graduation: to choose to be a Christian and to judge Guilford Young College against the great commandment of love.

The Archbishop of Hobart, the Most Rev. Julian Porteous, encouraged the graduands to choose Jesus Christ as part of their future.
The Principal, Mr Craig Deayton, invited the students to assess their time at the College in the light of how well they had been loved during their two years at GYC.

The 2017 Graduation Ceremony for 431 graduands was held at the Derwent Entertainment Centre on the night of Tuesday 7 November before about 2000 parents, family, friends, staff and invited guests.

GYC_Grad_2017 1050 Principal Mr Deayton, in his Principal’s address, told the students that each of them was special, unique and deeply loved “no matter the difficulty or ease of your journey to this moment in your lives, no matter how far you’ve travelled, how well you can craft an essay, solve an equation or pass an exam, each and every one of you is filled with boundless potential and a future filled with a promise as yet unwritten”.

He said there was one final test for students and staff before the final goodbyes.

“It is one you yourself have to judge whether you pass or fail and one by which you also measure Guilford Young College. St Paul set this test almost 2000 years ago with the following words:

‘If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but do not have love, I have become a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal … Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud …. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.’

“So, no matter how great our achievements, how high our ATAR score, how far we rise in our work careers, in sport, in politics or fame – it is all for nothing if we do not have love. … as you come to the end of your brief time at this Catholic College and after our relentless assessment of you, it is you who now must assess us.

“Did we lead you to an experience of that love through Jesus Christ? Do we model his love for all of us? If love is the sum of the qualities that St Paul wrote of, were we patient with you? Were we kind to you? … Did we protect you, trust you, hope for you and persevere with you?

“That is how we wish to be judged; indeed how we must be judged. Imperfect though we are, are we what we say we are?

“The love of God that I earnestly hope you have experienced at Guilford Young invites you to that faith. It is an invitation which will always be there and one it is never too late to accept.

“… Everything I’ve said tonight has been said with far more eloquence, far more power and far more meaning long before me and in a voice that will long outlive mine. It is the voice of Christ which will never be silenced and the voice I pray you will hear.

“…and know that you carry with you our hopes and dreams for you as well as your own.

“May God bless you and all you do in the future and for all you have given to us and been for us, I thank you.”

The Graduation ceremony had begun with the arrival of the Official Party.

After the Acknowledgement of Country by Year 12 student Asia Dare, Year 12 Student Leaders, staff, inter-generational members of a College family that has been involved with Catholic Education for many years and GYC friends participated in a beautiful prayer reflection, “Remain in My Love”, based on a Scripture reading from John 15.

GYC_Grad_2017 1038 Archbishop Archbishop Porteous took up this theme as he encouraged the graduands to make a decision for Christ as they choose their own particular path for the future.

“My dear students, as you are about to leave Guilford Young College and take your particular path in life, I offer you the words of the Lord from the Gospel reading tonight: ‘Remain in me’.

“As you go forth, decide to remain in Christ … Keep your heart open to Jesus. He will enable great fruitfulness to come into your life … He is the vine; be a branch firmly grafted onto him.”

The Master of Ceremonies for the evening was Head of Rice House and teacher, Mrs Jane MacDonald.

Several items of entertainment were provided by students, former students and music tutors: Jarrod Hunter (Year 11), Brian Parkinson, Joshua Cannan (GYC 2016), Jamie Pregnell, Matthew Olivier, Alec Hastie (Year 12) and Prophecy Mudzingwa (Year 12).

The College Captains delivered valete addresses before the new graduates left the auditorium through a staff guard of honour and to the continuous applause of those gathered.

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full text of speeches

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