a message to parents and carers from Tasmanian health authorities

Free meningococcal W Vaccination Program

for Years 10, 11 and 12


The Tasmanian Government is funding a free meningococcal W vaccine for teenagers aged 15-19 years.

The program will commence during term three 2017 and run until 30 April 2018 and will be delivered at your school.

The vaccine provides protection against four strains of meningococcal disease (ACWY) and is given as a single dose.

Meningococcal disease is a rare but severe bacterial infection that can cause lifelong disability or death and can affect people at any age.

Meningococcal bacteria are carried in the nose and throat of some healthy people and are spread through close prolonged contact.  The bacteria are more commonly found in teenagers and young adults. Adolescents are at increased risk of meningococcal disease

Meningococcal W has increased significantly across Australia from 2014 onwards.  In Tasmania, cases more than tripled in 2016 compared with previous years.  Tasmania has a higher rate of meningococcal W disease than other states.  Meningococcal W is now the most common meningococcal strain in Tasmania.

You will receive further information and a consent form during Term 3.  Please complete the consent form and return to your school.

the return date for GYC (to Tutors) is Friday 4 August

To learn more about meningococcal disease and the meningococcal W Vaccination Program,  visit: www.dhhs.tas.gov.au/menw

additional information:

vaccination consent form

Meningococcal W Vaccination Program – General fact sheet _03_07_2017

a message to parents-carers   (the same as above)

GYC vaccination dates

Hobart Campus on Friday 18 August 9:30am to 1pm

Glenorchy Campus Monday 28 August 11:15am to 3pm