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A body of work by a Guilford Young College student has been judged the best in Tasmania. Year 11 student on the Glenorchy Campus, Ned Daniels, has been awarded the Examiners’ Choice after all the art being examined for end-of-year-exams had been seen.

Glenorchy Campus Art teacher MATTHEW STOLP explains …

Ned Each year, the external examiners for Art Production 3 visit every college in the State to examine the bodies of artwork produced by students enrolled in the course.

Close to 1000 bodies of work are assessed. From this, the examiners select one body of work as the “Examiners’ Choice”. This is the body of work they deem to be of the highest standard in Tasmania.

This year’s Examiners’ Choice was awarded to Ned Daniels for his series of large abstracted portraits, rendered in graphite.Ned’s drawings display an incredible amount of technical skill, matched by a sensibility to balance and space in composition.

The works evoke an emotive response and yet have a subtlety and restraint not commonly achieved by young artists.

Our congratulations go to Ned for his work during the year and his aptitude for making art. He is well deserving of this accolade.

As the Examiners’ Choice, Ned’s entire body of work, including all support material and journals, will be exhibited at ArtRage in 2018. His work was one of five selected by the GYC teachers for acquisition and display by GYC.

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