Hobart Campus teacher Katrina Haig with some of her English Communications class.  Informality of the photo reflects the lovely spirit in the classroom.


Teacher KATRINA HAIG has spent a year seconded to GYC from MacKillop Catholic College. She writes …

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to temporarily join the staff of Guilford Young College this year. Coming from MacKillop Catholic College, like many high school teachers, I had always wondered how our students experienced the transition into a senior school environment. Much of our time in high school is spent preparing students for senior secondary and beyond, so it has been an enormous privilege for me to follow our MacKillop Year 10 students on their journey into college years and be able to see what they experience.

The warmth with which we were all welcomed is the immediate impression I had upon joining the Guilford community. There is so much about the college that is familiar: the sense of pride in our mission, compassion and respect for others, and collegiality amongst students and staff. Yet there has been much that is new and different, and this challenge of change has been one of the most valuable learning experiences of my teaching career so far.

The extended lesson times allow for in-depth teaching and learning; the volume of assessment leads to improvements in time management and work ethic; the decision-making about what’s important allows for meaningful personal development.

I have absolutely loved teaching at Guilford this year. The students have worked incredibly hard and have been a total joy to work with. We have all been on a learning journey together and I have been impressed with how many students have dedicated themselves to achieving their best, whilst juggling busy working, sporting and home lives. Families have been engaged with the progress of their child and have been integral to supporting the students and school. The staff I have worked with have been professional, generous and kind, and they do whatever they can to support the students in their learning and lives outside of school.

Thank you so much, Guilford Young College, for welcoming me so well. I leave with an enormous sense of gratitude to both Guilford and MacKillop Colleges for giving me this opportunity, for the new friendships made, and some incredibly valuable learning about the senior secondary experience.

And I can’t forget to mention that I managed to win the footy tipping competitions at both schools!