The four newsletter which have been published by Guilford Young College during 2016 are now available for online viewing.

GYC Newsletter 67 for Term 4

additional material:  full text and photos, Archbishop’s legacy thrives

Graduation speeches,  Principal’s Graduation speech 2016 (Mrs Bobby Court); Archbishop’s Graduation speech 2016 (Archbishop Julian Porteous),  Valete Speeches – 2016 (College Captaina); Graduation on the web

GYC Newsletter 66 for Term 3

GYC Newsletter 65 for Term 2

GYC Newsletter 64 for Term 1

additional material:  The full text of the JJAMM experience

Please be aware that the Newsletters are Adobe PDF files best suited for on-screen display, e-mail and the Internet. They can be opened with Acrobat and Adobe Reader 6.0 and later. Paper copies of these publications are available from the College.