Monday 21 March 2016:  HARMONY DAY

Hobart Campus students spell out their welcome

Hobart Campus students spell out their welcome

GYC is celebrating HARMONY DAY with the catch-line #GYCsayswelcome as students and staff take some time to appreciate the diversity the brings life to the College community.

The day began with numerous tutor groups taking time to pledge their support for those seeking asylum in Australia by writing on hands that will be displayed around the Campus for the remainder of the week, as a reminder of the promise to be welcoming friends to those in need.

At recess, a number of students gathered in the amphitheatre for a photo proclaiming a message of welcome to those on the margins of society.

Then, at lunchtime, a multicultural food bazaar was set up in the assembly area with the assistance of Mr Stephen Lunn’s VET class.

The message of the day was:  “We are one human family and together we can make a difference.”