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In the Ministry section of today’s FB, there is mention of a Mindmatters survey.

Guilford Young College, as a Mindmatters school for more than a decade, recognises that “there is a definite link between mental health and academic success”. (Mindmatters website) “The mental health of students affects all aspects of the school community – from student engagement and academic achievement, to social adjustment and staff morale.”
Mindmatters is a framework and a resource that assists in auditing, planning and reviewing our policies, procedures, processes and goals for mental health and well-being within the College. Next week we will utilise the free on-line resources to complete student, teacher and parent confidential surveys. you are invited to participate. Your son or daughter and family will receive a link to the Mindmatters survey by email. It would be wonderful if you would take part so that we can collect excellent data through a high level of participation across the College.

This is the link for the survey http://www.mindmatters.edu.au/surveys/survey-start?id=parent-family-survey—218-9ad388117d804cf4ae21

ALL parents and carers are encouraged to participate. It will be open for several weeks.  For further information about this survey, please contact Mrs Simone McManus, on the Hobart Campus 6238 4300 or via contact@gyc.tas.edu.au


A couple of events early in September that are not included but in which you might be interested are:

  • Samoa “Siva” Dance Tour: singing at St John’s Parish Mass Glenorchy at 6pm on Sunday 4 September followed by a Samoan Dance Troupe performance in the GYC Don Bosco Creative Arts Centre
  • John Wallis Memorial Lecture to be delivered by Fr Richard Leonard SJ at 7pm on Thursday 8 September at GYC’s Hobart Campus.

For further information about these events, please contact Penny Edman  6238 4365 or pedman@gyc.tas.edu.au