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The victorious team after the medal presentations with coach Peter Kube and manager Sandra Guerzoni

GYC girls have gone back-to-back as the winners of the College Girls’ water polo competition. It is only the third time in GYC history that back-to-back wins has been achieved.

This year the girls played Rosny College in the final which coach Mr Peter Kube described as the “classic clash between the champion team and the champion player”. He was high in his praise for the manner in which the GYC girls played as a team, engineering their win by commitment, effort and a belief that they could win. Rosny had one outstanding player in whom the team placed great confidence.


Triumphant sisters. Anna Mackintosh (left) was co-captain of the 2016 winning team and the only member remaining from last year’s victorious team as most of the players were Year 12 students. Claire Mackintosh, poolside to cheer on GYC, was the goal keeping co-captain of last year’s winning team and named player of the final.

It was a nail-biter of a game.  At half-time, GYC was down 2-4. The final score was 5-4.

Mr Kube said that while the GYC game plan called for desperate defence and structured play, in reality the players had to respond to the situation.

“Whoever was at hand needed to contain the Rosny star,” he said. “And what a challenge!  Somehow the GYC players concocted a defence of following and subduing, and eventually her influence on the game faded.”

He was effusive in his praise of the whole team.

“If asked who was the best play, the answer is simple: Frances, Madeline, Claudia, Zoey, Isabella, Anna, Charlotte, Brooke and Paola.  Each player was the team’s best and fairest.”

The GYC spirit shone brightly at the Hobart Aquatic Centre that night – Friday 5 August.

“The girls displayed the GYC values of teamwork, hard work and generosity. The victory brought great credit to the girls and to GYC.”

The girls were supported by a large number of peers and friends who helped create a fantastic atmosphere.

GYC had two girls’ teams in this year’s competition – Red and Blue. Although they didn’t make the finals, the Red team players enjoyed their competition.

For the first time in many years, a boys’ team did not compete.

coach:  Peter Kube     manager: Sandra Guerzoni










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Among GYC staff who were poolside for the win are, from left, teacher Brett Stephenson, former teacher and long-time water polo stalwart Thad Rose, teacher Simone McManus, manager Sandra Guerzoni, Director of College Sport Zain Wright. Principal Bobby Court also attended the game. photo: Penny Edman













photos:  Zain Wright and Penny Edman