The College Musical in 2017 will be the super-popular

Grease LOGO


nightly, Wednesday 9 –  Saturday 12 August

7:30pm, in the Don Bosco Creative Arts Centre, Glenorchy Campus


Book, Music and Lyrics by JIM JACOBS and WARREN CASEY


watch this space as the journey unfolds throughout 2017

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8 May 2017:  dance rehearsal







cast members are shown the stage layout and workings at an early rehearsal

April 2017

Grease begins rock ‘n roll journey

It’s 1959, and Rydell High School’s senior class is in rare form. The 1950s high school dream explodes in this rollicking musical that is both homage to the idealism of the 50s and a satire of high schoolers’ age-old desire to be rebellious and provocative and to have fun.

The intense and exciting journey to the staging of the 2017 musical has begun.

Grease (the musical, not the film) will come to the Don Bosco Creative Arts Centre in mid-August.The show has been cast and the demanding rehearsal schedule began in March.

The show has been cast and the demanding rehearsal schedule began in March.


at the general audition

After 30 young hopefuls danced and sang their way through the general audition, and many returned to try out for the featured roles, the cast is being headed by Tom Loveluck as Danny, Alec Hastie as Kenickie, Megwyn Rosenthal as Sandy and Eloise Kerstan as Rizzo.

For everyone involved with the musical, it’s going to be lots of fun, loads of hard work and a wonderful success.

This GYC production is under the direction of Chelle Burtt, actor, recording artist, teacher and principal of the Chelle Burtt Theatre School.

Grease will be performed in the Don Bosco Creative Arts Centre from Wednesday 9 August until Saturday 12 August.


the cast

SANDY – Megwyn Mosenthal, RIZZO – Eloise Kerstan, FRENCHY – Hannah Fitzpatrick, MARTY – Phoebe McLean, JAN – Polymnia Flouris, PATTY – Bridget Thornbury, MISS LYNCH – Nadia Twining.
DANNY – Tom Loveluck, KENICKIE – Alec Hastie, DOODY – Nick Manser, ROGER – Adrian Reddish, SONNY – Samson Ryan, TEEN ANGEL – Jaxen Bone, JOHNNY CASINO – Prophecy Mudzingwa.
ENSEMBLE: Kelsey Griffin, Layesh Gebrezgabir, Matt Bomford, Jessey Guevara, Connor Kennedy, Carys Trotter, Sophie Sliskovic, Macayla Hansen, Nicola Jeffery, Elisha Williams, Isabel Scanlon, Olivia Knight, Bree Noonan, Hannah George, Ryan Eiszele.